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Veritas is a feature-length film documenting Lehigh University’s 2004-2005 wrestling team and the story of Jon Trenge, who strives to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a National Wrestling Champion for his hometown school. Jon’s freshman season is cut short when doctors discover an eye condition so serious that he is told he should never wrestle again or risk losing his eyesight permanently. Jon refuses to accept his doctor’s warning and is determined to find a way to wrestle. After undergoing five eye surgeries, he wears homemade protective goggles designed by his father and nearly achieves his goal his sophomore and junior seasons losing in the National Finals.

Jon defeats a former National Champion to earn the most wins in Lehigh’s storied wrestling history, but many of his opponents intentionally attack his protective goggles injuring and frustrating him. Jon retaliates and gets disqualified from two matches. However, Jon overcomes this setback by using it as an opportunity to learn about himself and grow as a person. He returns to competition invigorated, and the pursuit of his childhood dream ultimately helps him become the man he wants to be.

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